A few years ago, I started playing Dungeons and Dragons with several friends and fell in love with the game. Not just because its a game, but also because it gives me a rare chance to step into the role of another person and try and see the world from their point of view, and act like they would. 
Role Playing games are awesome, and it was not too long before I started to create a concept for a game of my own. 
The setting for this is that Zombies have taken over a portion of the area around you, and you and your group of survivors need to first survive, and second find out more about where they came from, and why there appears to be more... intelligent and threatening zombies mixed in with the mindless hordes. 
There are a lot of weapons and gear that the players can collect, and we use a mixture of google maps and Figma to run the visuals of the game. These cards are not yet complete, but they do show them in various stages of "completeness". (the double barreled shotgun and Revolver are the most polished)
All of the weapon icons were purchased, so I do own them, but dont claim to have drawn them, only pulled them in and styled them to fit the game. The card design went through many many iterations and sketches before I finally liked what I saw. 
The monsters are images that I have pulled off of various art websites. I do not claim credit for them, and If I ever intend to make this more public, the permissions and copyright will be sorted out. I took them, filtered and styled them to fit the dark theme I was going for, and am happy to say that that formula looks awesome. 

Utilizing Figma
Figma is such a wonderful design tool! I used it to build a prototype that was then shared to the other players. (yes, I ran this with actual people for several months!) They were all able to log on and view the prototype, and interact with it as well to view their current hitpoints, inventory, and scroll the map around. 
You can try it here. It's not the most polished interface as we eventually decided to not continue with this game (school started, several others started new jobs, etc) though I may visit this again to polish it up, as the UI is rather ugly, and served mostly as a proof of concept to test if it even worked with the players. The map itself is one that I drew for this campaign.
Go ahead, try some of the tabs, or move the map around. 
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