This is the design system that I have been working on for the Mutual App. It is not quite finished yet (most design systems I have worked on aren't ever finished, just in a constant iteration loop, especially when Figma comes out with new updates that give it additional functionality, such as variants and auto layout)
With this project, my goal was to create a design system that could help me speed up my work with Mutual, as well as help ensure that our other designer can better follow the style I have worked to setup over the years. This will also help with the iteration part because our product owners can both mock things up with these pieces now without having to always wait on me to bring their ideas onto paper. 
This design system has been built to support Figma's Auto-layout (the new 2021 version) and also has support for the variants and has been built using that feature. It will be updated soon after Figma releases their newer prototyping tools sometime in the first quarter of 2021. 
Figma is one of my favorite tools, and I have used it to build everything from a design system such as Link (Mutual) or Clarity (NuSkin) to a fully prototyped table top game simulator for running Dungeons and Dragons games. I have even built an entire card game using Figma as the base for the assets. Every time a new feature comes out, I am all over it. 

Link Design System In-Action
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