On January 14, 2020, Destiny 2 performed its weekly reset and to the surprise of many, there was a new quest at Osiris's Sundial. "Walk the Corridors of Time Guardian..." 
It soon became apparent that it was a maze. A solution was quickly found, however various people began to notice that the floor in the final room was different for each player. A hexagon with a symbol surrounded by smaller symbols on each of the edges that seemed to rotate each hour, and rarely showed the same one twice. 

The Destiny community was in for one of the largest-scale puzzle quests in the history of the franchise. 
Hundreds of players, thousands of hexagon tiles, and nearly a week later, the community finished putting together a gigantic maze with nearly 5,000 tiles, each of which was found and submitted one-by-one by hundreds of players around the world. Spreadsheets, compilers, and websites were created to aid in the organization of this endeavor to solve it, culminating nearly a week later in a set of symbols that the player must follow in the maze to get to the end. 
Was the reward worth all the time? I will be honest, it was a bit lackluster.
HOWEVER the chase of this puzzle and the overwhelming sense of community was amazing and worth every second of it. The only thing I can compare it to would be the Hunt for the Easter Egg in 'Ready Player One'.
So what could I do? I looked into what seemed to be lacking and what I could solve with the talents that are within my skill set. As the codes began to emerge, I took them and compiled a list of all of the Lore, Emblem, and Final Code and distributed them on the communities Reddit and Discord pages. As of the time writing this, they have been viewed over 20,000 times. (woah!)
Credit wise, I created the entire pieces including the symbols and background. I tried to emulate the amazing art style of Destiny 2 and followed it as closely as I could. 
"Lift where you stand, Guardian."
As a personal note, What I loved about this puzzle was that it wasn't left to just the hardcore streamers to solve. Everyone in the community helped to some degree. And as I sat one night wondering what I could do to help solve it, it hit me that I can do something. I can use my design knowledge to create something that would be a lasting piece to memorialize this amazing challenge. 
"Lift where you stand, Guardian." came to me as I was finishing up the design, and it felt very fitting given the situation. We can all help achieve anything when we work together and lift where we stand.
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