Back in 2015, I was approached by a friend who needed some assistance with an app they were working on. They needed help with a logo, branding, and an overall app flowchart so they could plan how to make it. 
Fast forward 4 years, 3 versions, 15+ employees, 1,200+ Married couples, and over a million downloads later, and Mutual is a staple in the vocabulary of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 
I am proud to say that I have been in charge of all of the interface, branding, and user experience design for this great app. I am one of several owners of the company, and fill the role of Design Director.
It has been a great journey, and it's showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. 

Our newest version of the logo (version 4) was released with the June 2019 version 3 of the app. (The Big Update!)

2017 Logo - Before the Rebrand
Variation 1 - Humanistic
Variation 2 - Compromise between new and Old
Stacked Comparison
Final Three
Logo Progression over the years

Finding a new color scheme and brand look. Lots of user tests. Lots of opinions. 

As of August 2019, Mutual has helped over 1,200 couples meet and get married. (that we know about!)
Creating App Store Screenshots. One of the things that takes the longest. For this I needed to create a version for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 (and have them look like the phone, and be the correct size) For Android (not shown) and then translate these into Spanish and Portuguese. All in all, it ends up being between 50-70 screens. I was fed up with creating them manually so I created a sketch template to do it for me via symbols, which makes updating these now a breeze. 
Mutual Users match with others over One Million times per month
Mutual Users swipe over 100,000,000 times Per Month
It's just a simple dating app... 
how complicated could it be?

And this isn't even showing the the admin, support, and ad portal tools! Each of the boxes represents one page, or "screen" of content, each with its own usage defined. New tools need to both fit within the old framework, as well as replace and phase out old pieces over time. Parts are replaced both gradually by altering them to look like the new design for a while, and then replaced altogether with larger updates.

Mutual shows over three million ad impressions per month, which helps keep the free version free.
Advertising at BYU
We have ran ads at basketball games in 2019, and will be running our first motion ads at the upcoming BYU Football Games in 2019.
The Provo Team
(plus Spouses!)
You are all awesome! 
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