For a multi-billion dollar company, NuSkin was a bit late to the UX game. In 2018 management decided that the customer was to come first in everything, and put out a call for help to UX designers and firms everywhere asking for manpower to assist this endeavor. 
Stotion (where I was employed at the time) was one of those businesses, and I was asked to move to NuSkin as a contractor to help their growing team to make the necessary changes to overhaul their experience. 
In the year and a half since, I was able to witness the transformation from "Why does it matter if it looks pretty? it still works right?" to "The Customer is at the forefront of everything we do. Everything must be tested and validated by them, and we dont do anything unless it is for the good of the customer." 
I can look at the entire web and app experience now, from nearly two years later, and can see changes, improvements, and new features/tools on nearly every page that I had some influence over. 
The cart, checkout, subscription, MySite, and loyalty programs in particular I have had much influence over, and those tools can be seen on the live site today.
Other bright spots in my time there have been getting the entire design teams onto better tools that help us move faster and be more agile (like Abstract, Sketch, and Principle) and also to be the leader of overhauling the entire designer-focused symbol and CSS component libraries so that designers and developers alike can all be working off of the same page, with the same pieces. That alone has made 100x difference for the entire website.
NuSkin is in a much better place now than it ever has been. I know that UX played a huge part in the cultural shift, and I am very glad to have been in the front lines of such a transformation.
Thats it for the Macro. I will be updating this site soon with a couple examples of micro. Of interactions, experiences, and tools that I have spent hours upon hours testing, validating, iterating, testing again, losing sleep over, and eventually working through closely with the developers on my various teams to implement to the exact pixel and animation. 
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