As with most of my builds, this is the result of several other designs that worked well at the start of the game... but that were not very scalable when it came to upgrading things to MK2 Miners. 
This design you can build all at once, but only hook up half of it, or just build one half when you can, and the other half once you upgrade to MK2 miners.
With this one, I was looking to see how compact I could make a MK2 upgraded line, and think this is pretty close. 
In order to get the conveyor belts to go directly over the splitters that are feeding directly into the uppermost constructors, I first placed a splitter in the correct spot, then placed the conveyor pole stackables in the spots indicated. At this point if you try and place a conveyor between the two (stacked to just one level) the splitter hitbox is in the way and it wont let you. If you remove the splitter, then place the conveyor however, you are able to then place the splitter back in place and it will allow it. (something to do with the splitters having strange hitboxes that can frequently go through other objects)
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