We recently moved to a new home in Lehi, Utah, and the new home has a wonderfully huge garage that I soon had plans for. 
I enjoy building things, and having a nice open workbench with everything easily accessible is important to me. I also have a Glowforge laser cutter, and needed a place for that as well. 
It is not complete yet, however it is leaps and bounds better than it was when we first moved in, and I am quite happy with it. 

A before shot, taken with a couple of leftover things from the previous owner. 

Before shot.

I will admit, I was not very good at taking in progress pictures. I wish I had! Painting the walls white, and pointing lights up at the wall and ceiling really lit up the room super well. The garage is still a wreck from moving, but that side is starting to take shape!

Closer shot of the workbench. I bought panels from IKEA and have them ready to hang up. I also measured the Glowforge laser cutter and lowered one of the end shelves so that the top of the laser cutter is level with the rest of the workbench area. 

Hung up the wall brackets for the tools, and finished up the lights. 

Started hanging up the tools. Put the Glowforge and drill press in place. Getting closer! This was a multi-day project. 

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