I recently started exploring a bit on the right side of the map and came across a couple places that I need to set up some smaller mining and power plants. They will eventually grow, but for now I need minimal power, enough to work a couple miners and a truck stop for my vehicles to load the raw materials from.
A single coal patch can quite frequently power a small city (pure, with an overclocked MK2 miner on it... yeah, you are set for a while there!) At the start though, I just needed something small, so I decided to see how compact I could make a small, 255KW power plant on a single, normal coal patch.
I worked up the designs above using MK4 belts. I also created a medium and large scale power plant that I have built elsewhere on my map, as it is useful to be able to see a lot of different types.

I would suggest hooking up one coal generator and hand feeding it to your overclocked MK2 miner, to get that thing to start loading your line and your storage boxes. (always good to have a buffer supply if needed!)
Don't hook your power plant up to your main grid until all of your generators are full of coal. That will help the power plant stay at peak performance, all full of coal. It will also reduce the likelihood of the generators at the end being starved. (as always, do the math and see if you have too many generators hooked up for your MK4 belts to support. Also keep in mind that the more power that your factories pull (for example, things turning on, rather than running idle) will use up coal at an accelerated rate. That is why buffering large amounts of coal to help offset the sudden cost of spikes is important.
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