New Year, new years resolutions. 
Over the years my collection of games in my Steam and Epic library has grown... Whether it was an impulse buy when it was on sale, or or I just played but never finished it, the list is long. As many PC gamers can undoubtedly attest to, this is not an unusual practice.
I decided that this year I would make a goal to not purchase another game until I have finished each of the games that I have purchased. As part of that, I thought I would also do a short writeup on the game itself and work on writing reviews. 
A couple of ground rules for the goal include:
- Only games I have purchased with money are eligible for this goal. All of those free weekly Epic Games don't count. (unless I choose...)
- Some games, such as Battle Royale and Multiplayer-only games that don't have a beatable aspect to them, I intend to play for at least 5-10 hrs. Some I may set a goal about (win a game of Apex, etc) and others I will try to be fair with the goal. 
- I hope I wont have to, but I may veto one game. Whether it is taking too long, or I just don't want to play it, that gives me wiggle room. (looks at Far Cry Primal...)
- If there is a campaign, I will completed it. No rules on how fast, using guides, etc. I won't use cheat codes though. 
- This only counts for games I have never finished. If I have completed it in the past, I may add it here, but it is not part of the requirement for this goal. 
With that, here is the entire list to complete:
- Factorio
- Doom Eternal
- Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Campaign
- Assassins Creed 3
- Assassins Creed 4 - Black Flag
- Assassins Creed Odyssey
- Crysis 1 - Remastered. (I may play 2 and 3 again to complete the set)
- Bioshock 1 (I have beaten like 12 years ago. This is remastered)
- Bioshock 2
- Bioshock Infinite (Have beaten, but want to again. It's amazing)
- Half Life Alyx
- Terraria
- The Talos Principle
- The Forest
- Thief
- Prey
- The Solus Project
- Star Wars Battlefront 2
- Firewatch
- Greygoo
- Satisfactory
- Subnautica: Below Zero
- Far Cry Primal (... I may veto this one)
- Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
- Star Wars Squadron
- Super Mario Odyssey
- Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
- Halo Master Chief Collection (1-4, Reach, and ODST)
Honorable Mentions (I need to determine how these will work)
- Gauntlet Legends
- Deep Rock Galactic (Doesn't seem to be able to be beaten?)
Game Reviews
I purchased Factorio nearly 3 years ago, back when it was in version 0.16. I played through it with a friend, but never actually finished it myself. This time I played through it by myself on a completely vanilla default game with no mods. It was great, though since I was playing to finish it, I didn't bother really setting up for much of the end game after the rocket is launched.
Amount of Fun: 7/10. This really depends on your sense of fun though. It is not a laugh out loud, just got the clutch last kill of the game kind of fun, but rather a constant hit of dopamine as each problem presents itself, and then is solved.
Enjoyment: 9/10. Like I mentioned earlier, the constant cycle of hitting a problem (we need more iron plates) and then going to solve it is very rewarding. I also found it to be a game that I could easily listen to an Audiobook while I played, which is great. 
Replay-ability: Very High, especially if you like automation and problem solving. There is also a ton of mod support that adds a lot to the game.
My Conclusion: This game is one of the best simulation/building games I have ever played. The problems slowly get more and more complex, causing you to really have to plan out your next move and factory area a lot. I would recommend this to anyone, but only if you have a bunch of time on your hands as it is very addicting. 
Time to complete: 25 hrs.
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